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Mortgage Solutions

We make your mortgage experience so simple!

At Golden Star Investment Group, we provide you with every comprehensive solution for your financial assistance. We understand the intimidating process of applying loans and assure you to assist and navigate effortlessly through the procedure.

Our team consists of qualified compassionate mortgage brokers who would analyze all your financial status and targets and hence provide you the best vendors.

Being in touch with the constant pulse of the market, we source superior loans in the sectors starting right from home loans, refinancing, business lending, car loans, and even personal loans.

How do we work?

You can confidently rely on us for all your property & financial requirements and we promise to serve you with the best we can.

To add more, right from the start till the end, our expert team promises to assist you seamlessly while also ensuring complete efficiency, saving your time as well as money.

Here’s how we work to help you with the best financial solutions:

Our First Meeting​

In the beginning, we try to understand your desires and requirements concerning your financial background and then serve you with the best advice and help.

Strong Base

We believe that the tough pillars stand on the strongest grounds. This is the stage where the groundwork begins and we start our research to cater you with the best option according to your requirements.

Discussion Session

Once we are done with the research procedure, we proceed by sharing it all through a free consultation session wherein, we share all we have in our store to let you meet your financial and future goals.
We discuss every prospect with you while guiding you throughout a customized research.

Appropriate solution

Till this stage of the procedure we apprehend all your needs and priorities. And, being well-versed with your financial status, we grant you the best solution according to your queries. We make sure to provide our clients with every minute detail of the solution proposed for them.


Once gone through all the discussions on the proposed solution and building complete confidence of the client, we then progress towards the execution of the project. Through this stage, we monitor your loan application and assist you throughout the process.

Settlement Phase

During this phase, we make sure that every execution is processed smoothly. We gather all the parties & teams together and ensure everything is conducted seamlessly. Here, we also get assured that our proposed plan is on the right trails.

Post-settlement Mentoring

We duly understand the certain market changes that need to be constantly scrutinized while acting accordingly. Hence, during the post-settlement mentoring we make sure that you are regularly updated about these changes in the market. With this we aim at benefitting you in the current lending while securing your financial future at the same time.