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Project Marketing

Project Marketing

Our services include assisting the client right from the starting of the project, from the concept stage to managing the entire process of marketing and sales, our project marketing service covers every aspect.
Our special assistance involves real estate marketing for residential as well as commercial properties. We have brought in judicious marketing strategies through the vast experience of a passionate in-house sales team. At Golden Star Investment (GSI) Group, we try to cater to the client with the best and maximum returns in this dynamic real estate market.

Our team at GSI Group regularly keeps an eye on all the residential projects in Australia while concurrently keeping a record of each project.

The experts, in this way, can closely analyze your requirements and provide you with appropriate marketing strategies.

Our Vision

Through our project marketing service, we focus on our target with the following:

  • We, aiming at increasing the branding of the company, have trained our marketing consultants to conduct the best of their activities. The activities include:
  1. Advanced branding of the web
  2. Signage 
  3. And, Collateral of the estate
  • We possess expertise in a profound analysis of the market incites, according to which we further prefer the perfect size for your demographic. Before conducting the discussion session with the client, we undergo extensive customized research and offer the most appropriate housing offers.
  • At GSI Group, we are vigorously involved in developing various promotional strategies according to targeted demographics and buyers latest requirements. Our team is also involved in competition analysis that leads to an enhanced comprehension of sales rates, staging sizes and land release.
  • Following certain protocols, we intend to always go through a step by step pricing strategy to maintain optimal sales. 
  • The Golden Star team also resolves to deliver proficient advice over housing designs.
  • Leaving no stone unturned our experts seek to enthusiastically cater to all your sales requirements from the beginning till the end.

Through our unique promotional costs, we assure you to provide you with the best sales potential.

Results of Comprehensive Market Analysis

Diving into a comprehensive analysis of the market, helps us convey an updated and informative decision to the client. Exploring the market requires a certain strength of intellectual and dynamic approach in the right path which we believe to entail. We are erudite of the extensive market study which positively impacts our approach towards the future trends of real estate.

Our comprehensive analysis is based on keenly observing the following trends:


Under this segment, the analysis is done with factors including:

  • Population
  • Household sizes, age, and income 
  • Views towards development

Demand and Deliver

We evaluate the demand and supply from the potential buyers and existing supply according to the current prevailing scenario in the market.

Additional Investigation

Thoroughly comprehending the buyer behaviour pattern, we undergo further investigation to propose them with the best selling option.


To stand out from the crowd one should be acquainted with the competitors. So, to be the best, we persistently keep an eye on our rivals in the market and dissect their sales & pricing strategies, sales volumes and then finally make a decision.